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Carpeting Closure: Frequently Asked Questions

The Ventress Memorial Library will close on December 16th, 2022 and reopen in February 2023 to get our carpets replaced. We'll use this page to address common patron questions and concerns. If you have additional questions that aren't covered here, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that this page is a work in progress and subject to change.

Why is the library closing for so long?

While the carpet replacement will cause a disruption in service, it is a necessary update that has been put off for some time. The current carpets are original to the building and in addition to being old, faded, and stained, the tears in the carpeting, and the rugs laid overtop, are safety hazards, especially for seniors and people with mobility issues. We are excited to get the work done, and we will be working hard with hired contractors to move everything out of the carpeted area, including the fish. This process will take time, especially the process of moving and storing the equipment and the collection. Furthermore, once the library is packed up, there will be a three-week period where the trace amounts of asbestos are fully and safely removed. During that time, no one can be in the building. Once the library is safe for entry, the carpeting will be laid down and only then will staff be able to work with our moving company to return furniture, the collection, equipment, and all other things (including the fish!) back to where they belong. This is a laborious process but one that will improve library safety and overall environment. We appreciate your support, and we are doing everything we can to make this process as smooth as possible for everyone. Thank you!

Can I use my Marshfield library card at another library during the closure?

Yes! You can use your Marshfield library card at any library in the Old Colony Library Network. Please note that many OCLN libraries require you to present a physical library card in order to check out items. If you have an account but don’t have a physical library card, we can give you a new one for free - just bring your photo ID to the check out desk.

Where can I pick up my holds during the closure?

All holds for Marshfield patrons will be redirected to the Duxbury Free Library during the closure. If you would prefer to pick up your holds at a different OCLN library, you can change your default pickup location in your account settings in the online catalog. Please contact library staff if you need assistance changing your default pickup location.

Please note that the Duxbury Free Library requires patrons to present a physical library card in order to check out items (they will not accept a photo of the card, photo ID, or just the card number). If you have an account but don’t have a physical library card, we can give you a new one for free - just bring your photo ID to the check out desk.

Can I return items in the book drop while the library is closed?

No - our book drop will be unavailable during the closure. Any Marshfield items you have checked out when we close will have their due dates extended until we reopen. You may return OCLN interlibrary loan checkouts to any other OCLN library.

Can I place a hold on a Marshfield item and pick it up at another library?

Our entire collection will be packed away in storage and inaccessible to library staff. If the item is owned by any other OCLN library, you can place a hold and have it sent to Duxbury or another OCLN library. If the Ventress Library owns the only copy of the item, you will not be able to place a hold on it until we reopen.

Can I register for a library card during the closure?

If you don’t already have a library card, we recommend that you register for one at the library before we close. Registering for a library card is free - you just need a photo ID with your current address on it, or a photo ID plus some other proof of address, like a piece of mail.

Once we close, you’ll still be able to register for an ecard, which will allow you to use our digital services. If you’d like to convert an ecard into a physical card after the closure, please email You can also register for a library card at another OCLN library, but you may not have access to all of our digital services.

Will you provide curbside pickup or locker pickup during the closure?

We will not be able to provide curbside pickup or locker pickup at the Ventress Library during the closure. Curbside pickup is available at the following OCLN libraries:

The Turner Free Library in Randolph offers locker pickup. When you place your hold, select “Randolph Hold Locker” as the pickup location, or ask a library staff member to place the hold for you.

Will there be any library programs or events during the closure?

We will not be holding any in-person events. There may be a few virtual events for teens and adults. Marshfield patrons are welcome to attend most programs at other OCLN libraries.

Will I be able to still use the bookable meeting rooms?

While our meeting rooms will all be unavailable as they will be either rennovated or used as storage during the closure, you can book similar meeting rooms at the Duxbury Free Library. Learn more about booking a meeting room at Duxbury here.

Will I be able to borrow museum passes?

Our digital museum passes will still be available through our website during the closure. We will not be able to distribute any physical museum passes. The following OCLN libraries allow any OCLN cardholders to reserve and borrow their museum passes. Click on a library to visit their museum pass reservation page.

Additionally, the following OCLN libraries allow OCLN cardholders from other towns to borrow museum passes on the day of use if they are available (but not reserve passes in advance):

If you need assistance reserving a Ventress museum pass during the closure, please email If you have any questions about museum passes at other libraries, please contact the library in question.

How can I get internet access while the library is closed?

Anyone can access the Town of Marshfield public wifi on their own device from the parking lot between the Ventress Library and playground or in front of Town Hall. Connect to the public-wireless network with the password marshfield.

You can also access the internet on your own device or on the public computers at any other OCLN library. Additionally, the following libraries will allow any OCLN cardholder to check out wireless hotspots for internet use at home, though they must be checked out and returned directly to the owning library:

Where can I use public computers and access printing, copying, scanning or faxing services during the closure?

The following businesses near the Ventress Memorial Library provide printing, copying, scanning and faxing services for a fee:

You can also use the public computers, printing, copying, and related services at any other OCLN library.

Can I donate books while the library is closed?

We cannot accept donations to the library collection or library book sale during the closure. Please hold onto your donations until we reopen, or you may put them in the 3rd party book donation bins around the side of the library building (note that items placed in these bins do not go to the library).

I can’t get transportation to any other OCLN library during the closure. Is there any way I can still check out books?

If you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can use Overdrive/Libby and Hoopla to check out ebooks, e-audiobooks, and e-magazines with your library card. You can also stream movies and TV shows with Hoopla and Kanopy. These services can be used through a browser, or through apps on Android and Apple devices.

If you’d like assistance setting up or learning how to use any of these services, please visit us with your device before we close and one of the reference staff would be happy to give you a one-on-one tutorial session.

Updated 11/16/2022