Mobile Printing

You can print at the library directly from your phone, laptop, or computer. You can print while at the library or print from home and then come to the library. Please keep in mind that if you print from home, your print job will be accessible for 24 hours to release and pay for once you are at the library. 

Step 1: Send Your Print

You can print one of two ways: via upload or via email.

Option 1: Print via Upload

One option is to upload your print job(s) to our online eprint portal. This is good if you need to print more than one copy or specify only some pages ina document to print. Be sure to rember the Guest Name or Card Number you enter under "User Info" as this is how you will unlock your print job(s).

Option 2: Print via Email

Alternatively, you can send or forward an email. Email body and attached documents will display as separate files to print.

  • For black & white, email
  • For color, email

Then wait for a confirmation email with the subject line "Your submission to Ventress Memorial Library was received successfully." to receive the Guest Name/Card Number that you will use to unlock your print job(s). Note - at the release station, you do not need to print everything - just select the jobs you do want to print then select "Print Job(s)" when you release your prints.

Step 2: Release Your Print

Tap "Print" on the pay station and type the name you put when you submitted your print job, or the username listed in your verification email (typically the characters before the @ sign in your email). If you entered your library card number, you can scan it instead of typing. Once logged in, the screen will show all print jobs associated with your user name within the past 24 hours. You can choose to print or cancel some or all jobs in the queue. Be sure to add your payment method before selecting "Print Job(s)" or "Print All."

Step 3: Pay the Machine

The cost is 20¢ per black and white page and 50¢ per color page. Our print release stations offers a variety of ways to pay. You can pay with silver coins, dollar bills, fives, tens, or twenties. Keep in mind that change is only given in coins or dollar bills. You can also pay with card or phone. Note, if you pay with card or phone, the screen will show a starting balance of $10 - you will only be charged for what you print, but you are limited to $10 worth of printing at a time.

Once you add your payment, select  "Print Job(s)" or "Print All" and the machine will spit out any change and log you out before it prints.


If you run out of time to come in and print your job, let us know. We can release it for you and keep it behind the Check Out Desk for you to pick up and pay for later. If your job jams, let us know and we can resend the print job(s) at no additional cost. If you have any other questions, you can always give us a call or stop by either service desk.