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Teen Fandom Links

We love books and games and shows and manga and stories of all sorts. And we also love fan culture. Here are some of our favorite links for some of the top fandoms featuring both official and fan-created content. 

Fandom Culture:
  • ACTIVATE Fan Con - an annual virtual con hosted by Massachusetts libraries!
  • Deviant Art - a longstanding community of fan art creators.
  • - the definitive wiki for the world’s most popular fandoms.
  • - the most comprehensive database of fancition from writers all over the world.
  • Fanpop - online communities for every fandom.
  • Go Go Cosplay - an archive of some of the best cosplay costumes around the U.S.
  • The Otaku - an online community of anime & manga lovers. 
  • Wattpad - read fanfiction and original stories online.

Games & Gaming:
Dungeons & Dragons
Video Games & More


Dungeons & Dragons:
Video Games & More:

Harry Potter:

Lord of the Rings:
  • Born of Hope - a YouTube fan film by Actors at Work that tells the story of Arathorn, Aragorn's father
  • The Hunt for Gollum - a YouTube fan film based on Appendices in The Lord of the Rings
  • The One Ring - the 411 on upcoming productions, Tolkien-centered events, new publications, and fan gatherings
  • Tolkien Gateway - community wiki and forum on all things Middle Earth


Star Trek:

Star Wars:
  • The Force - articles, podcasts, forums, and more
  • Kenobi - a Star Wars fan film
  • Star Wars - the official website for all things Star Wars